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Department: Manufacturing
Location: McElhattan, PA


Unloads and stages incoming goods to be received. Moves and sorts accepted product from the receiving dock to the designated “p & d” station for put away. Moves receipts of product from the packing departments to the correct storage aisle listed on the put away ticket. Set-up work stations in the packing department, replenishes packing supplies to work stations as required, Answer blue lights, retrieve floor stock, hardware items as needed by the packers, take away unneeded recyclable led trays, junk cardboard, picking totes, harness totes molding totes and Wellsboro totes, retrieve items dropped off by industrial trucks, retrieve returnable packaging as needed by packers, load and unload parcels to or from the conveyor, including order consolidation, scans incoming parcels and floor spotting, retrieve totes as needed for pickers, assist turret truck operators locating transfers from aisle to aisle. Individual is responsible for trash removal in designated departments. Employee will also be required to operate the cardboard bailer and removal of completed bailed cardboard by use of powered material handling equipment.



Persons in this job must be able to sit and/or stand all day (up to 10 hours), manually lift and carry up to 50 pounds, push/pull containers of wire/cable or assemblies which may weigh up to several hundred pounds (either on dollies or on edge-not dead weight) rotate to various assignments involving various working conditions within their job description, perform high and low repetition jobs, perform all aspects of their job, perform fine manipulations, firm grasping and firm cutting (up to 25 pounds of pressure periodically) and be able to use hand tools including but not limited to tweezers, wire cutters, wire crimpers, screw drivers, pliers, soldering irons, cable cutters, utility knifes etc., manually push, pull and bend wire and cable, work through a range of motions from ground up to and including above shoulder height, bend and twist from the waist.



Diplôme d’études secondaires ou certification de FG, de préférence  

En raison de la réglementation sur le trafic international des armes (ITAR, International Traffic in Arms Regulations) et des règlements de l’administration des exportations (EAR, Export Administration Regulations), tous les candidats doivent être actuellement classifiés comme une « personne des États-Unis », ce qui comprend : un citoyen américain, un résident permanent légal des États-Unis (détenteur d’une carte verte) ou une personne protégée (statut de réfugié/d’asile).

Employeur équitable, H/F/vétéran/handicapé

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